LeaderShape Institute: Healthy Disregard for the Impossible!

Our Goal: $8,000

At LEAD, we are extremely fortunate to be able to work for a cause that we truly believe in: the development of more effective, ethical leaders for the world. This is not just a slogan, but something that inspires and drives us. We are especially fortunate to be able to work with a team of students, faculty and staff that care deeply about their work and who help to inspire positive change for individuals, groups and society as a whole. These days we need leadership and ethics education more than ever. This is what LEAD is actively focused on and we could really use your help to make our efforts go even further. On average, the LEAD Office spends nearly $800 per student to participate in this incredible 6-day life changing leadership experience. We would be truly grateful if you could make a donation (no amount is too small) to help us achieve our vision of more effective, ethical leaders for the world. Your donation will go directly towards the Mason LeaderShape Institute - a week long off campus retreat that focuses on preparing students to “Lead with Integrity”.

The Mason LeaderShape® Institute challenges participants to lead with integrity while working towards a vision grounded in their deepest values. Participants explore not only what they want to do, but who they want to be. Dynamic, challenging, and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants—benefiting them individually, as well as their respective communities and the organizations they will go on to lead and serve in the future.

Creating a world that is just, caring and thriving!

The LEAD Office at George Mason University helps students to develop as effective, ethical leaders through a variety of programming, outreach, and support. The LeaderShape Institute is an incredible program that allows for students to fully engage in a 6-day intensive leadership experience off-campus. We are hoping to increase the number of students who lead with integrity and have a healthy disregard for the impossible. We are committed to: empowering and inspiring students to make positive change; transforming leadership theory into practical experience; the practice and development of ethical leadership; challenging students to lead with a focus on well-being Instilling a passion for leadership; valuing multiculturalism and the contribution of all people; supporting a range of believes about what constitutes leaders and leadership across world cultures; and collaborative partnerships.

“In six days, the Mason LeaderShape Institute embodied what George Mason University stands for, a message that takes some students their entire college career to learn: freedom to grow and discover the numerous possibilities in the world, and learning how being a leader is something anyone can accomplish if they “have a healthy disregard for the impossible.” ~Mason Student Participant

“Going to the LeaderShape Institute was one of the most enriching experiences I have had during my college experience. During this 6-day institute, I grew tremendously as a person. I was put into an environment with other students, faculty, staff, and professionals that all wanted to focus on personal development and personal growth while learning how to contribute their own individual voice to events and issues that are important today. This institute allowed me to take a deeper look into myself and where I currently stand with my leadership skills and how I could grow and develop more into the woman that I wanted to become. I left with so many useful tools and connections to others at Mason because of this trip.” ~ Mason Student Participant

Building Community

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The Value of One, The Power of All

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Living and Leading With Integrity

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Bringing Vision to Reality

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