Leadership Consultants

Click here to submit an application for the 2017-2018 Leadership Consultant position. 

The deadline to submit your application is Friday, March 24th at 5:00pm. 

Leadership Consultant Vision
To empower and inspire Mason students to lead to the best of their ability with integrity and passion.

Leadership Consultant Mission
Leadership Consultants are an inclusive and diverse group of students who work collaboratively with the LEAD Office to provide high quality leadership training programs and development for Mason students.  We strive to challenge and engage students in their personal leadership development while infusing core leadership competencies.

Theoretical Foundation
The Core Leadership Competencies and Values as developed by MasonLeads is the foundation of our work.


To serve as a representative of George Mason University and the Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) Office by empowering and inspiring Mason students to lead to the best of their ability with integrity and passion. A Leadership Consultant (LC) must be a mature student who desires to grow and to help others to grow in the various areas of leadership by working as part of the Leadership Education And Development Office and L-TEAM. Leadership Consultants will be responsible for planning and facilitating leadership programs that will appeal to the diverse population at George Mason University.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Must be reliable, responsible, self-motivated, confident, sincere, flexible, dedicated, and considerate
  • Must take initiative and utilize creative thinking skills in order to coordinate programs and initiatives and consider multiple issues, needs, possibilities, etc.
  • Must be interested and willing to facilitate leadership workshops and programs for the campus community
  • Must have an ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds
  • Must exhibit exceptional professionalism and a strong work ethic
  • Must be available and accessible for the time commitment involved
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and maintain that GPA

Duties and Responsibilities at a Glance

  • Commit an average of 12 hours per week for Leadership Consultant business (includes: meetings, office hours, retreats, training, events, programs, 1:1s, etc.)
  • Refer a minimum of 3 student groups/organizations/teams for workshops per semester
  • Facilitate a minimum of 3 leadership workshops/trainings per semester
  • Enroll in the Active Leaders Program (Fall Semester, Fridays from 10am-noon) – if haven’t already completed
  • Participate in 1:1 meetings with LC advisor once a month
  • Participate in 1:1 meetings LEAD Graduate Assistant once a month
  • Participate in 1:1 meetings with the Director of LEAD once a semester
  • Serve on various planning teams and committees within the LEAD Office
  • Present a workshop at the Leadership Mason Conference and/or Somatic Leadership Institute
  • Program planning, development, and execution of LEAD initiatives (ex: Leadership Mason Conference, Somatic Leadership Institute, Alumni Leadership Speaker Series, Brown Bag Lunch Series, Family Weekend, Little Siblings Weekend, LeaderShape, Right, Wrong, or Different, Fear 2 Freedom, De-Stress Fest, Hampton Middle School Leadership Program, Freedom and Learning Forum, community service, etc.)
  • Coordinate and facilitate meetings with the L-TEAM
  • Assist the Director, Associate Director, Office Manager, and Graduate Assistant with special projects and programming as needed

Terms of Employment and Compensation

  • Maintain good standing with the university and at least a 2.5 GPA throughout the LC term
  • Commit an average of 12 hours per week for Leadership Consultant business for the academic year (including at least 8 consistent office hours per week)
  • Prioritize your Leadership Consultant work as a major co-curricular commitment
  • Understand that as a Leadership Consultant you are part of, and represent the Leadership Education And Development Office
  • Seek to develop as a leader and learn new things
  • Other responsibilities as necessary
  • Have fun
  • Length of Contract: May 2017 – May 2018 (Students MUST commit to a 1 year term)
  • Compensation will be a $1600 stipend paid throughout the academic year (Fall 2017-May 2018) – October 2017, December 2017, February 2018, and April 2018 (actual payment dates TBD)
  • Participation in LEAD staff retreat on (Dates: August 21-22, 2017)
  • Early move-in on Sunday, August 20, 2017 (MUST be able to volunteer with move-in)
  • LCs may hold additional responsibilities (internships/employment) up to 19 hours (for a total of 29 hours per week, including their LC hours) with the advance approval of their immediate supervisor, permitting outside employment complies with Commonwealth law which states that Students are not permitted to work on-campus for more than a total of 1500 hours per year.

The deadline to submit applications for the 2017-2018 Leadership Consultant Position is Friday, March 24th at 5:00pm.