NCC Leadership Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in leadership prepares students for transformative leadership in campus, local, national, and global contexts. Interdisciplinary and integrative classes examine leadership from multiple perspectives and disciplines, offering an understanding of socially-responsible leadership with an emphasis on community action. Through the required coursework and experiential learning, students critically examine diverse theories, research, and perspectives on leadership and are encouraged to explore topics such as social change and globalization, creative conflict resolution, the nature of power, oppression and influence, innovation, and systemic leadership. Civic engagement and multicultural competence are viewed as necessary requirements for leadership. The NCC Leadership Minor is open to students in all academic programs, schools, and majors.

The minor in leadership in offered by Mason’s New Century College (NCC) and may be pursued concurrently with any undergraduate major.  For more information see:

The director of the minor is Dr. Julie Owen,