Leadership and Team Building Activities

Click on the links below for a pdf of activity guidelines and facilitation questions.

  • Build a Pyramid (Focus Areas: communication, team work, and group dynamics)
  • Building a Bridge (Focus Areas: teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving)
  • Building a Tower (Focus Areas: communication, collaboration, and team strategy)
  • Bull Ring Activity (Focus Areas: teamwork, group dynamics, communication, relationship to working with small groups, managing delicate information and tasks, facilitation of someone else’s learning process)
  • Circle of Friends (Focus Areas: getting to know you, ice breaker)
  • Coat of Arms Activity (Focus Areas: getting to know you, ice breaker)
  • Domino Build (Focus Areas: developing trust within a team or group, communication, working with limited directions, paying attention to the details)
  • Draw Like Me Activity (Focus Areas: communication and active listening)
  • Getting to Know You BINGO (Focus Areas: getting to know you, ice breaker)
  • Lego Activity – Building Replica (Focus Areas: communication, giving clear directions, team work, understanding roles and responsibilities)
  • Mind Maze (Focus Areas: communication, team work, and group dynamics)
  • Pipe Find (Focus Areas: communication and trust)
  • Pop Fly (Focus Areas: communication, planning, decision making, and trial and error)
  • Reach Out and Touch Someone (Focus Areas: team bonding, community building, and feel good)

Note: These resources have been adapted throughout the years.  If you know the origin of any of these activities, please feel free to let us know so we can list the proper citation.  A special thank you to the students, faculty, and staff who have contributed over the years.