2021 Leadership Mason Conference Schedule

TimeProgram PieceLocation
9:30amCheck-In The Hub, 3rd Floor Lobby
10:00amConference WelcomeThe Hub, Ballroom
10:30am-12:00pmLeadership During Challenging Times: Creating Healing Spaces The Hub, Ballroom
12:00pm-12:45pmLunchThe Hub, Ballroom
12:45pm-1:35pm Educational Session #1Various Locations
Educational Session #1What the RIC: Professional Development & Well-Being

Presenters: Jenna Davidson, Manager on Duty, and Marketing Program Assistant for Mason Recreation, Mikayla Turner, Mason Recreation Alumni, and Jay Suarez- Manager on Duty and Facilities Program Assistant for Mason Recreation

Meet the Mason Recreation Involvement Committee (The RIC), a student run leadership committee housed within the department of Mason Recreation. This committee offers professional development and social engagement opportunities for all of the Mason Rec student and wage staff. They focus on providing year-round career-ready workshops, peer mentoring, and social/ well-being activities for their peers.
The Hub, Meeting Room 1
Educational Session #1Social Media for Social Justice

Presenter: Shayna Maskell, Assistant Professor, School of Integrative Studies, GMU

From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter, the last decade has seen a variety of competing claims about the role social media plays in activist struggles for social change. Taking a critical, theoretical, and practical approach to the examination of social media as a tool for challenging inequality and working toward goals of social justice, we will explore the ways social media intersects with, complicates, and possibly reconfigures activist practice in the twenty-first century.
The Hub, Meeting Room 2
Educational Session #1Mindful Leadership for Inner & Outer Change

Presenters: Mark Thurston, term associate professor, School of Integrative Studies, GMU and Monica Davids, Graduate Student and LEAD Workshop Coordinator

Leadership can be enhanced by the intentional cultivation of the trait of Mindfulness, which includes staying in the present moment, being attentive, and experiencing openness to both inner and outer life. By the regular performance of simple Mindfulness practices (which we will learn and work with in the workshop) a leader can grow in his or her capacity to be an agent of positive change in the world around us, as well as grow in his or her capacity to transform one's inner life of attitudes and emotions. As part of the workshop, we'll complete a short psychological assessment that can give us each a better picture of where we are strong and where we need to improve in regard to the qualities that go into being a Mindful Leader.
The Hub, Meeting Room 3
Educational Session #1Friendships, Identity, and College Success

Presenters: David Corwin, Associate Director for Women and Gender Studies and Meron Girma, Mason Undergraduate Student

This presentation will focus on the importance of friendships during the college experience, particularly as these relationships relate to one’s identity. Participants will engage in a critical conversation of how we socially do or don’t value these types of connections during the college experience and how student leaders and college administrators can use the research and practices that have been done to advocate for change for today’s students. Also, friendships are important for student experiences as they relate to diversity and inclusion, which we argue all come together to ensure student success for students from marginalized backgrounds.
The Hub, Meeting Room 4
Educational Session #1Leadership and Civic Engagement: Exploring the Pathways to Public Service

Presenters: Nikkhil Dev Murthy, Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA, Social Action and Integrative Learning & Community Engagement and Civic Learning and Noah Mack, Undergraduate Student and Bonner Leader

Are you interested in getting involved with civic engagement or social change efforts, but aren’t quite sure where to begin or how to harness your talents? Have you been active in public service and want to explore additional ways to make an impact? Whether you’re new to service and civic engagement or not, this session is an opportunity to learn about yourself and the many ways you can affect positive social change in your community. Participants in this session will complete the “Pathways to Public Service and Civic Engagement” tool and learn more about your own preferences and tendencies as well as how to collaborate with others to create lasting change.
The Hub, Meeting Room 5
Educational Session #1What Would You Do? Making Tough Choices During Difficult Times

Presenters: Nick Lennon, Director for LEAD and Deborah Fashole-Luke, Graduate Assistant for LEAD

Need to make a difficult decision individually or as a group? What questions do you consider when trying to decide what to do? Consider the following: Would you tell a friend that you discovered that their partner is cheating on them if you are also friends with the person doing the cheating? If you’re unvaccinated, would you visit an immunocompromised family member during a global pandemic? Would you speak up if you heard someone that you do not know make a racist comment? How do you decide what’s best? During this interactive workshop you will engage in activities designed to uncover the pros and cons of the ethical approaches you are already using. You will also learn about other helpful approaches. Practical resources for making difficult choices will be provided.
The Hub, Ballroom
1:45pm-2:35pmEducational Session #2Various Locations
Educational Session #2A Kind Leader is a Strong Leader

Presenters: Lewis Forrest, Associate Dean, University Life and Philip Wilkerson, Industry Advisor, GMU Career Services

"Clear is Kind”-Brene Brown When we look at leaders, we envision strong, confident and capable people who lead others but how often do we examine the impact of kindness on a person’s leadership capabilities? In the presentation we will discuss the impact kindness has on a person who is trying to motivate and inspire others to reach their full potential.
The Hub, Meeting Room 1
Educational Session #2Becoming Psychologically Flexible

Presenter: Dr. Todd Kashdan, Professor of Psychology, George Mason University

In this breakout session, attendees will learn how to be situationally aware and expand their psychological toolbox to best match the demands being faced. They will also learn how to better navigate and work with multiple social identities and roles.
The Hub, Meeting Room 2
Educational Session #2The Good Place: Ethics and Leadership

Presenters: Elena Dajero, Leadership Consultant, Jordan Anderson, Leadership Consultant, and Amna Rashid, Leadership Consultant

How can we practice ethical leadership beyond simply identifying what is ethical? To contemplate this question, we will be exploring the 5 As (analysis, awareness, aspiration, action, and adaption) of ethics through watching illustrative clips of the hit NBC TV show The Good Place. The show follows five main characters navigating the afterlife and reflecting on the choices they made when they were alive. Their actions and decision-making process will form the basis of our discussion on how we can be ethical in our everyday lives. Join us as we evaluate the thought processes and values that shape our choices, and learn to become a more positive ethical leader.
The Hub, Meeting Room 3
Educational Session #2Leveling Up: Designing Your Next Adventure

Presenters: Ann Garner, Industry Advisor for University Career Services and Dorothy Hayden, Industry Advisor for University Career Services

Do you ever wonder how to take your experiences to the next level? Have you ever considered how to leverage that experience into a new opportunity? During this session we will explore a wide array of options you could consider in order to grow and learn in your discipline. You will collaborate with a team of students and analyze actual Mason case studies. Take away ideas for your own professional development!
The Hub, Meeting Room 4
Educational Session #2Delegation: Making Space for Future Leaders

Presenters: Troi Dixon, Residential Student Initiatives Graduate Assistant for the Office of Student Involvement and Jane Aronds, Patriot Activities Council Graduate Assistant for the Office of Student Involvement

Learn how to make space for the leaders on your team!
The Hub, Meeting Room 5
Educational Session #2Mind the Gap: Bridging Actions to Goals in Personal and Organizational Planning

Presenter: Sam F. Hediger, Graduate Professional Assistant, Student Success Coaching

Whether you are juggling your semester's obligations or planning a complex project for your organization, one of the biggest obstacles to success lies in the disconnect between the goals set and actions taken to pursue them. This session uses formative evaluation to design plans in reverse, starting with desired outcomes and empirically connecting them to actions, so you can measure what does and does not work, identify potential pitfalls, communicate your plan effectively, and execute it efficiently. Participants should come to the session with a project in mind to plot out, with the goal of creating a simple, workable action plan by the end of the workshop.
The Hub, Ballroom
2:45pm-3:35pmEducational Session #3Various Locations
Educational Session #3Student Leader Panel Discussion on Mentoring

Moderator: Nikkhil Murthy, Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA, Social Action and Integrative Learning & Community Engagement and Civic Learning

Our panelists come from a wide variety of backgrounds, organizations and degree programs, offering our new students valuable insight into what it takes to achieve, what does it mean to be a mentor and how they have navigated their own Mason experience.

• Ritta Saidi, Student Coordinator for New Student and Family Programs
• Jenna Davidson, Mason Recreation
• Makayla Vaughan, Resident Advisor for Leadership through Community Engagement Learning Community, Housing and Residence Life
• Mikaela Pozo, Alternative Break Leader for Social Action and Integrative Learning
The Hub, Meeting Room 1
Educational Session #3Leadership & Kindness through Disney's Lens

Presenters: D.J. Grant, Leadership Consultant,  Betzy Balladares, Leadership Consultant, and  Kathleen Dwyer, Leadership Consultant

Explore the relationship between leadership and kindness through the lens of Disney. By watching clips from various Disney films, we will see how our favorite characters embody elements of emotional intelligence, and how this connects to kind leadership. This workshop will allow you to analyze how kind leadership can emerge within your own life and provide you with some of the tools necessary to enact these behaviors within your own life.
The Hub, Meeting Room 2
Educational Session #3OurMason: Prosocial Bystander Intervention Program

Presenter: Caitlyn Largent, Assistant Director for Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response, Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC)

Do you have a desire to create change? Are you willing to take action to benefit others and the community? Do you want to grow your skills and feel empowered to take action? If so, then this program is for you! OurMason is a prosocial bystander intervention program that was specifically designed by SSAC to assist students in learning more about prosocial bystander intervention and the ways you can be a force for change here at Mason and beyond!
The Hub, Meeting Room 3
Educational Session #3The Dangers of Empathy

Presenters: Patty Mathison, Director for Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL); Anu Baskar, Student Bonner Leader and Mason Undergraduate Student

Have you ever heard the expression, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"? In this session, we will examine the dangers of empathy and how sometimes the best of intentions can be unintentionally harmful. We will examine community engagement through the lens of critical service which puts community as the experts. We will use this to examine and discuss social responsibility and how to make sure that when we engage within our local communities we are able to engage in thoughtful, impactful and meaningful experiences. What to consider when entering into communities that are not our own and how best to work towards positive social change.
The Hub, Meeting Room 4
Educational Session #3Influencing Change: Student Activism, Servant Leadership and Civic Engagement

Presenters: Crystal Davidson, Assistant Director, Student Engagement for Racial Justice, Center for Culture, Equity, and Empowerment (formerly ODIME) and Lex Lewis-Semien, Assistant Director, Student Transition Empowerment Program (STEP), First-Gen+ Center

To lead is to serve. The long legacy of student activists and their ability to enact change and influence shifts in culture on college campuses must be recognized and built upon. In this workshop, we will examine the intersections of student activism and civic engagement through a critical lens. We will develop a deeper understanding of servant leadership as it applies to student leaders both on campuses and in the community. Join us as we learn and grow in our understanding of the immense power and influence, we each hold.
The Hub, Meeting Room 5
3:40pm-4:20pmSmall Group ExperienceVarious Locations
Small Group #1The Hub, Meeting Room 1
Small Group #2The Hub, Meeting Room 2
Small Group #3The Hub, Meeting Room 4
Small Group #4The Hub, Meeting Room 5
4:20pm-4:30pmConference Closing The Hub, Ballroom