Request a Program (Peer to Peer Leadership Training)

To request a program, please click here.  Please note that our Student Leadership Consultants require a 2 week notice before presentations/facilitations.

Workshops and training sessions typically presented by our Student Leadership Consultants:

  • Ice Breakers and Energizers: Allows individuals, teams, and groups to get to know one another while participating in engaging and interactive activities
  • Team Building: Challenges teams and groups to work together towards creating a more successful outcome.
  • Communication: Allows for the practice of expressing thoughts and receiving information effectively.
  • Leadership Styles and Philosophy: Identifies personal leadership styles through assessments and introduces new ways to approach leadership through student development and leadership theory.
  • Goal Setting and Vision Development: Facilitates the process of envisioning future possibilities, discovering commitment and passion, and understanding the big picture
  • Values Development: Allows for students to identify their personal ethical values, the ethical values of their teammates, and how they connect to their leadership style and presence.
  • True Colors: Provides a model for understanding yourself based on your personality temperament. Enhances relationships – bringing out the best in us. Promotes responsibilities – respecting and building upon our strengths. Fosters understanding – learning to view the world through other lenses. Everyone has a combination – usually one s more dominant. Provides insights into different motivations, actions and communication approaches

Our Student Leadership Consultants are great for leadership training programs geared towards:

  • University Transition Courses
  • Student Organizations
  • Resident Advisors
  • Residence Halls
  • Living Learning Communities
  • Peer Leaders

*Please note that our Student Leadership Consultants typically facilitate presentations for the Fall Semester from early September-early December and early February-late April.  This allows time for our students to prepare for upcoming final exams.  If you require a presentation during the time they are unavailable, please request a program facilitated by our professional staff.  Click here to request a program by our professional staff.  Please note that we are typically unable to facilitate over the weekends.  If possible, please try to select a date during the week, Monday-Friday.