Patriot Experience – LEAD Programs

Discover the unlimited ways you can get involved and enhance your education at Mason. The Patriot Experience allows you to capture your involvement around four co-curricular areas:

  • Looking to develop new ways to stay healthy and build resiliency?
  • Would you like to discover your strengths and talents?
  • Interested in making a positive change in your communities?
  • Want to explore the diversity that is at the heart of Mason?

Showcase and record your active engagement and participation in activities, conferences, trainings, campus employment, and so much more.

The LEAD Office provides a variety of programs and trainings that can count towards the various requirements of the Patriot Experience. When checking out our programs, be sure to look out for the 1 of the 4 Patriot Experience pathway icons:


The following LEAD programs count towards various requirements for the Patriot Experience (as of 2/11/16 – please note, additional programs will be added soon):


Track your Progress
As you gain powerful skills, experience new things, meet new people, and diversify your Mason journey beyond the classroom, your GetConnected profile will allow you to record and track your engagement and involvement. Your GetConnected profile will also allow you to share your skills and learning as you prepare for future endeavors beyond Mason. As you engage in intentional learning with the Patriot Experience, you will be challenged to grow as a person, citizen and leader.

Get Recognized
Through your GetConnected profile, build a comprehensive record that will demonstrate your development of knowledge and transferable skills in key competency areas that focus around well-being, career readiness, global and multicultural, and civic learning and community engagement sought by employers and graduate degree programs. By tracking your progress, you can leverage your experience with prospective employers.

Grow and Succeed
Engage and thrive by maximizing your Mason experience and demonstrating your involvement, learning, and contributions outside the classroom through your customized GetConnected profile.