2023 Leadership Mason Conference Schedule

9:30am: Check In
Location: The Hub, 3rd Floor Lobby

10:00am-10:20am: Conference Welcome
Location: The Hub, Ballroom

10:20am-12:00pm: Opening Session - Leading Yourself While Working with Others
Location: The Hub, Ballroom

  • Presenter: Robyn Madar, Interim Assistant Vice President, Talent Management & Director, Organizational Development and Learning, Human Resources
  • Description: Working with others, especially when they have different views or experiences from yours, can be frustrating and emotional. At this session, we’ll explore tools to help you examine how your own stories and motivations can get in the way of finding the right solution. How can you use your values to collaborate with others? How can you deepen your listening skills to have better conversations? Join us to practice and explore the tools for better conversations and partnerships.

12:00pm-12:45pm: Lunch
Location: The Hub, Ballroom

Educational Session #1 (12:45pm-1:35pm)

Educational Session #2 (1:45pm-2:35pm)

2:45pm-3:20pm: Taking Action: So What? Now What?

  • Small Group #1: The Hub, Room 1 (Facilitators: David Corwin)
  • Small Group #2: The Hub, Room 2 (Facilitators: Emma Snyder)
  • Small Group #3: The Hub, Room 3 (Facilitators: TBD)
  • Small Group #4: The Hub, Room 5 (Facilitators: TBD)

3:20pm-3:30pm: Conference Closing
Location: The Hub, Ballroom