Somatic Leadership Institute

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Office is pleased to announce our 5th annual (since 2015) Somatic Leadership Institute specifically designed for Mason on Saturday (2019 date TBD). We hope you will join us for this incredible experience. The Somatic Leadership Institute is a unique and engaging leadership experience where participants will be able to challenge their own leadership style and presence. The program is based on the idea that leadership does not require a formal position. There is a special focus on how leadership is not merely from the “neck up”, but can be viewed from a more holistic perspective where participants will focus on how they lead with their body, their mind, and their spirit.

What is “Somatic Leadership”?
The difference is in the method of training. The Somatic Leadership Institute uses an “embodied” approach to learning. This is very different than a primarily cognitive approach to learning which is most common in our society. Participants interact with one another and practice leadership instead of intellectualizing about leadership. Considering the whole person as a vehicle for change can produce effective and sustainable change for individuals and organizations. Embodied learning is experiential in nature, using all of ourselves in the process (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual). With this approach, people gain new skills and abilities, not just good ideas.

Jennifer Sinek, MPPM, MSC, MCC, is a master certified coach (International Coach Federation) and management consultant.  She has more than two decades of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations, helping them see and be excited by the possibilities open to them – and then make them happen.

Utilizing both conversational and somatic practices, she helps her clients step into their power as leaders – and authors – of their professional and personal lives. Ms. Sinek works with leaders in the public and private sectors, specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, and organizational assessment and intervention. Jennifer’s clients say that she is remarkably talented at putting her finger on the crux of issues in a way that helps people both see them clearly and resolve them constructively. Jennifer is a Co-Director and faculty member at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, where she teaches Leadership Coaching and Leadership Presence.


Note: This program meets one of the requirements for the Patriot Experience Program.  For more information about the Patriot Experience program, visit